About me

Hi there! Some of you have already visited my site before but for others this may be your first time. So allow me the opportunity to say “Welcome!” It’s good to finally meet you!

My name is Juanita and I’m probably as varied as it gets! I’m talkative around strangers but quiet with friends. I can never make up my mind – but make every decision on a whim. I’ve got a dry sense of humor but I’m as goofy as they come. I’m fun-loving and colorful – from my two-tone fingernails nails to my unpredictable taste in music. I’m a die-hard perfectionist and even bigger neat-freak. But the mistakes are what give my life that extra kick.*smile*

I’ve been completely natural (having cut off all my relaxer) since January 2012. I transitioned for 7 months and trimmed my own hair along the way. I was just tired of dealing with two very different hair textures and decided one day to just go for it, and Big Chopped a few days before my 21st birthday.

My choice to go natural wasn’t necessarily about ‘connecting with my roots’ or an attempt to reject the Euro-centric idea of beauty -even though those are both issues that I feel each indivual needs to address amongst themselves. No, my choice was simply because I was tired of experiencing breakage about as often as I experienced growth. And everything I’d previously learned regarding how to take care of kinky, curly hair wasn’t producing results.

I’ve been natural for 1 1/2 years now but have made all kinds of mistakes (and stumbled onto a few solutions) along the way. I’ve weaved it up, braided it up, and messed it up over a span of many years. I’ve been guilty of flat ironing every day and perming more often than recommended. I thought it was normal for wads of hair to come out during a combing session. And never wore a satin cap at night. I was a bad girl.

But, even more importantly, I’ve gone from living in a salon chair to learning how to style and care for my own hair naturally. And life hasn’t been the same since.

Which is why I created this website. My transition would have been completely different were it not for the “cyber-naturals” online that helped me through it. From getting my question answered on a hair care forum to seeing an inspirational video on YouTube, these things made a world of difference to me and I feel that it’s my job to pay the favor forward.

I want to help you through your transition, Big Chop, first year as a natural or any other hair milestones that you might have. I won’t claim to never make mistakes – and don’t presume to know all that there is – but I will still share with you what I’ve learned in my time as a natural and hope to add something of value to your hair care routine.